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Kathará is an open source container-based network emulation system for showing interactive demos/lessons, testing production networks in a sandbox environment, or developing new network protocols.

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How does it work?

Kathará extremely simplifies the creation of complex network scenarios. Network devices are emulated by containers interconnected by virtual Layer-2 LANs.
Easy configuration of complex networks
Network devices emulated by containers
Several ready-to-use images
How does it work?
Powerful Deployment

Powerful Deployment

Kathará emulates network scenarios using either Docker or Kubernetes as backend virtualization system.
Low resources consumption
Fast deployments on your laptop using Docker
Multi-server deployments using Kubernetes

Open Source

Kathará is a Python open source project, well documented and with an active community. Feel free to contribute!
Easy-to-read and commented code
Rich support material
Adopted by many universities and researchers
Open Source

Kathará works on Every Platform

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux