Kathará is a free open-source software, available for all the main Operating Systems.
Here, you can find the download links for the installation binaries.
Kathará latest version is .

Installation Guide

A complete installation guide for every supported Operating System can be found here.

Linux Distributions

Kathará is available on the main Linux Distributions.
For Debian/Ubuntu, you can install it through apt. For other distributions, we provide pre-compiled binary packages ready to be installed.

macOS Installation Binaries

Kathará officially supports Apple Mac systems with either Intel Processors or the new Apple Silicon (e.g., Apple M1).

Windows Installation Binary

Kathará officially supports both Windows 10 and Windows 11.
Older version of Windows (7/8/8.1) are supported using Docker Toolbox until Kathará 2.2.4. See Issue #109 on the GitHub repository.


You can run Kathará on distributions where a pre-built binary is not available, using Python and the PyPI package.
The PyPI package also provides programmatic APIs to leverage Kathará features from custom code (see the tutorial and the documentation).